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2020 Agco 5 Star achievement

  1. This award is something we are proud of, as it is a testament to the amazing team at Owens & Sweitzer. We would undoubtedly dedicate these recent achievements to the entire staff at Owens & Sweitzer. This award exemplifies our commitment to community, our valued workers and our customers.

– Industry Leaders –

At Owens & Sweitzer our goal is to provide you with not only a great purchasing experience, but also with the best parts and service possible so you can feel confident to rely on us during down times! We offer a new and used farm equipmentContact us to experience the new Fendt Vario Combines or Fendt Tractors!

2021 Top Dealer in Employee Engagement

2020 was full of unique challenges for our dealership, having a toolset available that allowed us to stay close to our employees has been a huge win. This award is important to us as a team as it exemplifies our commitment to not just customers but also our valued workers.

Fendt is a German manufacturer of agricultural tractors and machines, manufacturing and marketing a full line of tractors, combine harvesters and balers.
AGCO's Massey Ferguson brand of tractors

News & Events

Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.
Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.
Increase your efficiency with Fendt iD low engine speed technology. Achieve maximum torque, pulling power and road speed at only 1,350 RPM. This will lower your fuel consumption and extend your engine life. #ItsFendt #GrowBold
Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.
Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd. with K-Hart Industries.
We are proud to announce our new partnership with
K-Hart Industries!

The K-Hart Spyder Direct Seeding Double Disc Drill is
A revolutionary new frame design and the latest disk opener technology. We are excited to offer our clients these Patented undercut disc openers!

Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.
Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.
Our exclusive Fendt VarioDrive system provides ideal torque distribution to front and rear axles to optimize traction and pulling efficiency while allowing for easy and nimble turning at the headlands. #ItsFendt #GrowBold