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At Owens & Sweitzer our goal is to provide you with not only a great purchasing experience, but also with the best parts and service possible so you can feel confident to rely on us during down times!

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Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.
Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.2 days ago
Farmers, always essential: before, during and after Covid-19. Our goal is to assist, partner with and support all of our Ag customers to the best we can. That has not changed in these changing times and tough days. As you prepare your farm plans do not hesitate to call 306-962-3637. We will find ways to work with your needs: THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR BUSINESS BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER COVID-19!!!

PARTS- is available for phone orders, email/website orders. We can place parts for outdoor pickup or manage plans to get parts to your location. Mobile digital options available to share pictures or video of any of our products. 306-962-3637
SERVICE- our techs are working with many health parameters and extra social distancing efforts in place. Call our service department today to book inspections or discussions on how we can fill your needs. 306-962-3637
SALES- our sales team is available to you as always at anytime. Sales can be contacted by the usual phone numbers, email/website etc.. Sales is happy to show you equipment by digital mobile methods if required. All our finance options etc., can also be handled remotely. 306-962-3637 Cordell 306-962-7488
Craig 306-962-7803
Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.
Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.5 days ago
Our doors have now been closed to the public but operations continue. Please call or email!
Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.
Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.1 week ago
Some of the world’s best operations run Fendt. Stop in for a demo and see why.
Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.
Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.1 week ago
The most essential part of the TerraGator C Series is you. That’s why the cab is built for comfort and ease of use. Stop in and have a seat in one!
Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.
Owens & Sweitzer - 1972 Ltd.2 weeks ago
The Challenger 1000 Series has the power and maneuverability to handle grueling tillage work and intricate row crops. Stop in for a demo!
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