What is PM 360?

Prevent downtime

By having your Agri Equipment Serviced during PM360 you ensure you won’t get stuck in the field when you need to be running 100%. 


Reduce Expensive and stressful repairs by completing preventative maintenance that is convenient for you. By scheduling your preventative maintenance appointment with Owens and Sweitzer, you reduce the risk of mid season breakdowns.

save 15%

When you book your PM360 appointments ahead by 31 December 2020 you save 15% on all AGCO PARTS. Any bookings thereafter could still qualify for a 10% discount on AGCO parts.


Keep it running!

Still, at its core, PM360 helps AGCO customers keep their equipment running at peak performance. “The more maintenance-minded the customer, the less downtime that person generally experiences,” observes Eugene Evans, manager of technical support for AGCO Parts. “In the meantime, they typically experience better performance from the product, based on fewer failures, better engine performance, improved fuel efficiency and those sorts of things.”

What is your Investment?






4wd tractors







Contact Mike with any PM360 inquiries you might have!