5 Star Dealership

Not only has our business been down a path to learn many things and create a multitude of metrics, benchmarks and goals, but so have each of our departments. This all helps us become a more sustainable and prosperous business. It will help shape us strong going forward. The items involved in these projects and criteria help lead us with better culture, positive environments, and knowledgeable people in all areas of the company

Agco 5 Star Dealership Award

This award is something we are proud of, as it is a testament to the amazing team at Owens & Sweitzer. In a year where we have had to navigate many unmatched circumstances lead by a global pandemic, our team has also met the challenges and goals put in front of them to achieve this 5 star award in Dealer Excellence from Agco. This follows our recent award from SATISFYD, in being a Top Dealer in Employee Engagement. We would undoubtedly dedicate these recent achievements to the entire staff at Owens & Sweitzer. This award exemplifies our commitment to community, our valued workers and our customers.